HP-L-2TZP 2 Lanes Three Side Sealing Stand-up Zipper Pouch Doypack Bag Making Machine
  • HP-L-2TZP 2 Lanes Three Side Sealing Stand-up Zipper Pouch Doypack Bag Making Machine

HP-L-2TZP 2 Lanes Three Side Sealing Stand-up Zipper Pouch Doypack Bag Making Machine


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Brief introduction:

HP-L-TZP is the multifunctional Laminated Bag Making Machine by servo motors. It is widely used in producing 3 Side Sealing Bag, Zipper Pouch(3 Side Sealing Bag with zipper), Doypack(3 Side Sealing Stand-up Zipper Pouch Bag), 4 Side Sealing Bag for different plastic packaging.

HP-L-TZP is easy to operate, fast to change bag making device for different type pouch bags: 

*  3 Side Sealing Bag

*  3 Side Sealing Bag with zipper

*  Single Web Stand-up Zipper Pouch

*  Another Film Bottom Gusset Stand-up Zipper Pouch

*  Two lanes Bottom Gusset Stand-up Zipper Pouch (Super High Productivity)
*  4 Side Sealing Bag

Details please contact us freely.

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* HP-L-TZP Three Side Sealing Bag making Machine adopts top brand PLC controller and touch screen. * Auto counting and stopping when setting numbers freely. * High voltage static processor and auto constant temperature heating controller. *Automaitc unwinding tension control. *Equipped with stepping motor computer fixed length. The whole bag making process curate and stable. photoelectric tracking , printingcolor mark track orientation auto punching. *All aspect of bag making machine adopts thermal bonding by ultrasonic welding. It make the finish bags firm sealing , beautiful and decent. *It realizes the upper and lower servo control of the main machine drive, the German camera(CCD) controls the double servo, calculates the deviation and realizes the single cutting round corner bag and the double cutting by moving cutter. *This machine can realize single lane or dual lanes making bags according to different output requirements.

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Type of machine

Three Side Sealing Stand-up Zipper Pouch

Bag Making Machine


Heat sealable laminated film

Thickness Range


Bag Width Range


Bag Length Range

120-540mm (single lane)

120-270mm (double lanes)

Inserting Bottom Depth



35-120pcs/min(with zipper)

35-200pcs/min(without zipper)


380V/3P/50Hz, 60kw






As well we continuously keep working on research and improvement our machine, we might change the specifications, design and characteristics on this table.

Please refer to the inquiry results for actual specifications

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                                                                    Unwinder Device

                                                                       Auto Lifting Design

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                   Folding Device                                           EPC Tracking

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                     Independent Another Bottom Film Inserting Device

    Another film gusset in the bottom ,with round corner punch and double cut get the notch-less pouch

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                    Vertical Sealing                                        Zipper Device

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          Ultrasonic Device                             Horizontal Sealing and Cooling


Bag making machines are usually customized according to customer requirements.  Please send your bag samples to us as well as its bag size. It is better for us to check each details and provide the corresponding solutions. We can work out a proper offer soon.
Sample Bag

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Package details:Wooden Pallet Package
Порт:Shanghai Port
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